The greatest things I ever did were when I overpassed fear.
I let you imagine the great things you can do now.
All the best LOVE from me, always.

On m’a dit d’écrire pour évacuer mais là je t’avouerai que ce qui me ferait le plus plaisir, c’est de te loger dans la tête une balle du magnum posé sur la table.

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Erik Van Uden, “Extra-Terrestrial Ice Cream” (2014). 9”x12”. Acrylic and modeling paste on wood panel.

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Peut-être que l’amour n’a pas pensé à moi, mais moi je pense à tout l’amour que j’ai déjà.
Today, I did something I should have done a long time ago: I asked someone special for forgiveness. It surely takes some courage but now it’s such a relief for both of us.


Greek woman from Smyrne.



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When it hurts, it also means you’re alive. Life is a bitch but you gotta make it your way.

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