The greatest things I ever did were when I overpassed fear.
I let you imagine the great things you can do now.
All the best LOVE from me, always.

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Thasos Island - Macedonia - Greece

by Eugenia Giannouli

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Ricoshëi // Perfect Like You

Heard it at Ceremony Festival - what a brilliant tune to mix in to the house and techno sets. Beautiful, deep, stripped down and simple - 9/10.


Such a gentleman, Mr. West

I don’t care about these but
you gotta be honest man, mr. wessttt! Yes man!

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Vogue - January 2014

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Light Upon Light Calligraphy (Quran 24:35)

Light upon light [in description of God’s guidance]

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Ce sont les enfants sages, Madame, qui font les révolutionnaires les plus terribles. Ils ne disent rien, ils ne se cachent pas sous la table, ils ne mangent qu’un bonbon à la fois, mais plus tard ils le font payer cher à la société. Méfiez-vous des enfants sages.

Jean-Paul Sartre - Les Mains sales
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Stephen Marley ft. Mos Def - Hey Baby

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